Permendo launches its mobile health offensive for companies, health insurance companies, schools, clubs, care facilities and children’s daycare centres with our inspireCS.

The emphasis is on flexibility: healthcare is not an off-the-shelf product. Instead, it is highly personalised. So, to ensure that a professional approach can be taken to this too, the equipment of the health bus is highly adaptable and enables decentralised operation at different locations without sacrificing even an ounce of comfort. It is only logical that the issue of cargo load is an important one for a health vehicle, since it needs to carry with it various pieces of equipment for all kinds of applications.

One important aspect, and one that goes without saying for the inspireCS, is of course the fact that the mobile clinic can be driven by someone who holds a class B driving licence, allowing the work to be carried out by the personnel available. The days when anyone was allowed to move a 7.5-tonne removal truck are unfortunately long gone…

As a result, the Permendo health manager is now launching its mobile OHM concept with a further innovation – in the form of our inspireCS. 

And we wish the project every success!

If it’s a 3.5-ton vehicle with a really good cargo load you want, then JUMBO is the place to come!

The requirements specified by FESTO, one of our very first customers, were a tall order: high cargo load capacity for exhibits, coupled with independent operation and full air conditioning – and all this in a “true” 3.5-ton expotainer. For drivers with a class B driving licence.

And it should be mentioned that no compromises would be accepted. Having previously used three promotional vehicles from our competitor (who couldn’t deliver the requirements needed), the choice of users and drivers was for a very long time greatly restricted.

Since the JUMBO team had achieved some masterstrokes in development in recent years, we were able to tackle FESTO’s requirements profile with complete calm and deliver the concept with tremendous skill.

Not only can our roadshow hit – the Inspire CS – impress with its outward appearance, but its 4 kW diesel generator, 2.4 kW air-conditioning system, 8-bar silent compressor at 100 l/min, fully glazed entrance area and cargo load of a further 550 kg for exhibits and promotional material also make a very clear statement.

The mobile FESTO trade fair is now able to go uncompromisingly on tour with the JUMBO Inspire CS and it is able to present its entire portfolio without any power connection in a friendly atmosphere to clients right where they are (B2B marketing).

We wish the class B driving licence generation great beginnings with the Inspire CS!

Stadtwerke Schwedt breaks new ground in customer canvassing and marketing

“The appearance and quality of the vehicle impressed us straight away”, said delighted project manager Toni Holtschke-Hanisch at the promotional vehicle’s handover. For Stadtwerke Schwedt, the procurement of an info mobile is anything but common practice, but it is simply the best way to draw attention to its fibre-optic Internet network expansion and also to win new customers. The modern fibre-optic network will allow speeds of up to 1,000 Mbit/s to be offered in the region. A feat like that calls for impressive communication! Of course, the classical services such as electricity, gas and water are also advertised, and these are briefly displayed on the large, illuminated interchangeable frame too.

The daylight-compatible outdoor monitor and outdoor sound system create the “big cinema” effect at this mobile salesroom. Inside, there are the usual comforts such as chilled drinks and a pleasant climate – not just in the fully glazed reception area, but also of course in the advice area with its cosy seating corner.
For an even more long-range effect, the roadshow mobile has also been fitted with a self-raising roof stand and a classical flagpole!

As usual, the show truck is operated by a driver with a class B driving licence.

The Voice truck roadshow from Pro7 and Sat1 starts in Munich with the Inspire CS

Anyone can take part – for the recruitment of the ninth series, the Voice truck will be stopping at five locations in Germany, allowing keen singers to record their voices directly on location this time.

The customer’s excitement was palpable when the truck pulled up in the designated parking space and within no time at all was converted into a stylish, air-conditioned and spacious sound studio! The promotional truck as a 3.5-ton class, drive-it-yourself of course.

The roadshow starts in Munich on 02.08.2019 and continues on 07.08.2019 to Berlin, then on 09.08.2019 to Hamburg, Cologne on 11.08.2019 and Oberhausen on 12.08.2019.

Sing your hearts out and have fun!

Kito’s new showroom – with a real 3.5-ton vehicle for drive-it-yourself class B drivers

A new vehicle was needed as the old one had served its time in terms of harmful emissions, space and cargo load.

The show truck also had to be future-proof, and be a drive-it-yourself, 3.5-ton promotional vehicle, but this time with a net cargo load of 600 kg! Good looks, practical handling and air conditioning are of course de rigueur these days. A larger showroom offers additional space for displays.

The buyers from KITO were immediately impressed with our Inspire CS concept and could hardly wait for the planning. A VW Crafter was quickly defined as the chassis and was the ideal foundation for this concept. To achieve the high cargo load while at the same time accommodating a lavish interior design, our development department once again pulled out all the stops, with the key idea being: individual room concepts. For the final touch, we conjured up the attractive branding on the mobile trade fair stand in cooperation with the marketing department.

Now, KITO can go on the hunt for B2B customers with its new Inspire CS and its expanded product portfolio. We wish them tremendous success, and bon voyage always!

More efficiency and an impressive presence with the new Amprion info vehicle. Project spokesman Jonas Knoop explains it as follows: “With the Amprion info mobile, we’re flexible and we’re also able to talk to people in small villages!” This is also precisely where the power line operator answers all of the questions and suggestions of its consumers. Originally initiated by info markets, the promotional vehicle has tripled the reach. For the finishing visual roadshow touch, Amprion GmbH also chose a new and super-modern inspireCS design package!

First natural gas promotional vehicle in the 3.5-ton class for drive-it-yourself class B

“Anyone who wants to be heard needs to take their information to the customer. This is also especially true for market area conversions. The natural gas info mobile can be an important tool for this”. Quote by Dr. Timm Kehler, CEO of Zukunft Erdgas e.V.

Open Grid Europe is therefore launching its natural gas info mobile campaign with our small top model, the inspireCS. Simple handling, agility, good looks and tremendous flexibility are our little sprinter’s other hallmarks. And the best bit is, something that’s new and unique: the inspireCS is now also available with a natural gas-powered engine. So it creates all the best conditions for Open Grid Europe’s market space conversion from L to H gas. The aim of the campaign is to set out practical information relating to the changeover process through direct dialogue with customers. As the only producer in the promotions and info truck industry to do so, we even managed to do all this on eco-friendly wheels. Driven with a class B driving licence…

The switchgear cabinet manufacturer has chosen our Inspire CS promotional vehicle several times over

A little surprised, but in absolute agreement, we have taken on a further order from our customer of many years’ standing, Rittal. The market-leading systems supplier for switchgear cabinets wanted to make a break with its previous concept involving our CityLiners, which, with a total weight of a cool 17 tons, were able to easily transport switchgear cabinets that were as heavy as they were good quality. Why? Simple: the company had discovered our new inspireCS promotional top model! Totally communication-friendly and superbly good-looking, the four Rittal inspireCS not only accommodated the entire presentation infrastructure, but also of course the star of the new tour: the new VX25 cabinet system. And it’s not an ounce lighter than the old models! To ensure the market launch took place on a broad front, we sent a total of four show trucks on the road to Europe and Russia. It should be mentioned that all of the vehicles operate entirely independently. Any lack of power supply can be covered with a generator. The air conditioning and Internet are also on board, while the open glass front provides daylight, sound and wind insulation. This is where the pulse of any roadshow marketing enthusiast will quicken, since the operator and driver question resolves itself. That’s because anyone who can drive a car is able to get behind the wheel of our inspireCS!

Sometimes, small is actually bigger! Taking the approach of not just displaying more exhibition objects, but also being able to accommodate more people on board, we supplied an entire fleet of promotional trucks for the cycling processionals Derby Cycle. And we did so without exceeding any weight limits: all of our vehicles can still be handled by people with a class B driving licence!

With no fewer than seven brand-new promotional trucks, Germany’s largest bicycle producer by sales had sent its old vehicles into retirement and was looking forward to a hefty 800-kilo cargo load for 18 to 20 heavy e-bikes, along with additional manpower – even its tare weight is 1,100 kilos. The stress about constantly overloading its mobile showrooms is therefore a thing of the past!

Our inspireCS, with its brand-new design concept, is a 3.5-ton drive-it-yourself info truck that is as agile as it is capable of carrying tremendous amounts of weight thanks to our lightweight construction techniques. Equipped for the first time with VW Crafters as the base vehicle, the little speedsters simply look cool and uncomplicated.

With the emphasis on the e-bikes from Kalkhoff and Focus, which Derby Cycle sells alongside brands such as Raleigh, Univega and Rixe, the inspireCS fleet will be used in both the B2B and the B2C sector. This means that the info mobiles are not just nippy show trucks at major events such as the Tour de France, but they also serve as impressive training vehicles for retail as well as an event vehicle that can be hired by retailers to boost direct sales locally. They fit virtually everywhere, they’re real eye-catchers and they can be driven by anyone with a car driving licence. Fantastic!

Chic, sleek and fast – welcome to the ADAC Racing Sports Centre. The Motor Racing Sports division of the ADAC Team in North Rhine approached us with tough demands for a new race control vehicle. In terms of look, we scored top marks with our new Inspire CS. All we needed to do was rein in the interior design, with its air conditioning, large windows, large cargo load and daylight-compatible external monitor. That’s because the 3.5-ton limit for a drive-it-yourself class B info mobile cannot be exceeded. The summary from Daniel Schönenberg, Motor Sports Project Manager at ADAC North Rhine, was a positive one: “It’s a fantastic vehicle with all of the necessary and also very special functions, and all at an impressive performance-to-weigh ratio! Our racing sports vehicle can now be driven by everyone…”