Promotion Benefits

The advantages of an inspireCS

What really matters? What’s important?

From SmartHome compatibility and high cargo loads to low entry steps. Here you can really enjoy the many advantages of the inspireCS!

The perfect
guerilla tool

Put the focus on your customers. Take a proactive approach to advertising and get creative with your advertising message. With inspireCS, you have the perfect guerilla tool for your roadshow.


Thanks to a lot of development work in the field of lightweight construction, we have designed the inspireCS as a 3.5-tonne, drive-it-yourself promotional vehicle. Even with the extension, a class B driving licence is all that’s required.

cargo load

The stress about overloading mobile showrooms is a thing of the past! Thanks to their extremely lightweight construction, our drive-it-yourself info trucks have an enormous cargo load.


Authentic, expressive and varied: we are committed to the individual needs of each of our customers. First-class quality and superlative expertise for a customised setup.


The inspireCS offers you the largest possible presentation area on a tiny parking space. And with the extension, you can increase the basic area of your mobile branch even further.

Fantastic visibility
from a distance

Each of our vehicles grabs the attention of everyone around. Whether it be with beach flags or stripes on the vehicle or flagpoles, with our info mobiles you can achieve fantastic visibility from a distance.

Fully air-
conditioned space

If you wish, your mobile space can be air-conditioned, so that you and your customers don’t have to work up a sweat in summer or freeze in winter.


Control and integrate devices from various manufacturers into your SmartHome system. The inspireCS leads the way towards smart info mobiles.

propulsion systems • Euro 6

Thanks to Euro 6, there are no limits to your mobile premises, even in areas with a driving ban. The inspireCS is also available with natural gas propulsion – and coming very soon, electric propulsion too.

entry step

The inspireCS has a very low entry step. This ensures you give people the confidence they need to enter your showroom. With the second step, you’re already standing inside the info mobile.

vehicle availability

Whether it be for hire, full-service leasing, purchase or to optimise roadshow models that have already proven their worth, we’ve got immediate vehicles available for your missions.


The inspireCS delivers a large promotional space on a tiny parking space. For maximum space, we would also be happy to install a cantilevered extension module on your info mobile.

Super-quick setup
and dismantling

Thanks to super-quick setup and dismantling in less than 5 minutes, the inspireCS allows you to display your mobile showroom in various locations in one day.

inspireCS designer
info mobile

The designer info mobile combines all of the advantages of classic construction with the ambition of being something completely independent. So even on approach, it draws all eyes to it.

Can be used in even
the smallest spaces

Whether it be tiny market squares, car parks or pedestrian areas – with the integrated reversing camera, you can use your mobile showroom in even the smallest spaces.

Independent power
supply on location

Your mobile branch can also be equipped with lithium battery packs or a generator to ensure that your air-conditioning system, media technology and other electrical equipment can operate independently.


We offer you an attractive alternative to operating your mobile showroom. Instead of involving your own organisational team, we take care of the entire operation of your vehicle for you.

galvanised materials

Even in the era of lightweight construction and innovative synthetics, rust remains a big risk for vehicle bodywork. For this reason, all of our chassis and frames are fully galvanised.