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Here you will find posts about our inspireCS, new vehicle developments and special projects in the field of mobile communication.

OHM – Occupational health management enters the next round

Permendo launches its mobile health offensive for companies, health insurance companies, schools, clubs, care facilities and children’s daycare centres with our inspireCS. The emphasis is on flexibility: healthcare is not more

FESTO – back to the B2B trade fair market leader

If it's a 3.5-ton vehicle with a really good cargo load you want, then JUMBO is the place to come! The requirements specified by FESTO, one of our very first more

B2C fibre-optic Internet access with the Inspire CS

Stadtwerke Schwedt breaks new ground in customer canvassing and marketing "The appearance and quality of the vehicle impressed us straight away", said delighted project manager Toni Holtschke-Hanisch at the promotional more

The Voice of Germany promo tour with the mobile sound studio

The Voice truck roadshow from Pro7 and Sat1 starts in Munich with the Inspire CS Anyone can take part - for the recruitment of the ninth series, the Voice truck more

Lifting equipment roadshow – KITO’s new mobile showroom

Kito's new showroom - with a real 3.5-ton vehicle for drive-it-yourself class B drivers A new vehicle was needed as the old one had served its time in terms of more

Amprion – talking to citizens in their own towns

More efficiency and an impressive presence with the new Amprion info vehicle. Project spokesman Jonas Knoop explains it as follows: "With the Amprion info mobile, we're flexible and we're also more

Natural gas info mobile conquers the streets

First natural gas promotional vehicle in the 3.5-ton class for drive-it-yourself class B "Anyone who wants to be heard needs to take their information to the customer. This is also more

4 wins – market launch with no fewer than four vehicles at Rittal

The switchgear cabinet manufacturer has chosen our Inspire CS promotional vehicle several times over A little surprised, but in absolute agreement, we have taken on a further order from our more

Derby Cycle – In the fast lane with seven cargo load winners

Sometimes, small is actually bigger! Taking the approach of not just displaying more exhibition objects, but also being able to accommodate more people on board, we supplied an entire fleet more

ADAC – The new race controller

Chic, sleek and fast - welcome to the ADAC Racing Sports Centre. The Motor Racing Sports division of the ADAC Team in North Rhine approached us with tough demands for more

Mobile company health management at the DRK

Health management for the SME sector. Not everyone can afford a company doctor. To close this gap, the German Red Cross is launching its first mobile health clinic on four more